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Why Kevlar® by DuPont?

Extraordinarily strong, light and cut-resistant, DuPont™ Kevlar® brand fibre is highly resistant to cuts, abrasion, and high temperatures and has five times the strength of steel based on weight.

Products and safety gloves made of Kevlar® help prevent injuries and lost-time hours, with the attendant losses in productivity. The light weight, flexibility and comfort of Kevlar® enable you to maintain a high level of dexterity and effectiveness. The strength and durability of Kevlar® can save employers money in the replacement cycle, as gloves made of Kevlar® can significantly outlast other materials.

We test Kevlar® safety gloves against a broad range of cut and thermal hazards. By developing fabrics that pass these tests, DuPont helps protect industrial workers from accidents on the job.

Kevlar® products and safety gloves offer the following safety and comfort benefits:

  • Provide increased dexterity and a highly accurate sense of touch
  • Thinner, lighter, more form-fitting than most conventional protective gloves
  • Enhance flexibility necessary for handling small objects
  • Improve grip when working with oil, greasy or wet parts
  • Retain their shape, strength, cut resistance and thermal properties through repeated washings and prolonged wear
  • Incorporate thermal protection
  • Help in the prevention of accidents and injuries
  • Increases on-the-job safety and efficiency

Watch Kevlar® gloves outperform gloves made of leather and cotton

Kevlar® Quality Programme

Kevlar® cut products
Kevlar® cut products
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Kevlar® FAQ
Kevlar® FAQ
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