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European Electric arc Assessment Forum

2011 UK Forum

After the successful experiences in London in November 2010 and in Brussels in June 2011, DuPont cordially invites you to its third European Electric Arc Risk Assessment Forum, to be held on Thursday November 17th, 2011 in Manchester, UK.

Electric arc is one of the most deadly and least understood hazards of electricity, and is prevalent in most industrial situations. The outcome of an arc flash can be disastrous and whilst local legislation requires businesses to perform risk assessments for all work activities, this is often overlooked because most people are unsure how to assess and manage this hazard effectively. To help companies better assess these risks, DuPont convenes a thought-provoking workshop which will examine the European approach to electric arc hazards and provide an understanding of the legal standards and frameworks.

As part of this session, attendees will also be able to view and experience the new electric arc flash risk assessment guide developed by DuPont: the DuPont™ Arc-Guide, based on extensive research with independent experts, will provide users with the tools to evaluate the arc flash hazards at their facilities and the knowledge on how to both reduce the severity and consequences of an arc flash.

This event is aimed at anyone whose responsibility involves the protection of workers from the arc flash hazard — for example electrical engineers, electrical designers, contractors and non site based electrical workers and safety managers or procurement officers.