1892 Carney's Point

DuPont built up the site slowly as adjoining land became available, but with World War I came a national defense boom. By 1917, DuPont had expanded Carney's Point to 67 times its pre-war capacity and employed 25,000 workers. Following the war, DuPont scaled back its munitions business. Carney's Point continued to produce sporting powder but was overshadowed by the expanding dye works at the adjoining
Deepwater plant.
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World War II brought a resurgence of smokeless powder production, but in the late 1940s, Carney's Point branched out into the production of cellulose chemical intermediates, although it also produced sporting powder. Some of the site's facilities were converted to plastics production during the 1960s, but smokeless powder operations continued under the DuPont Petrochemicals Department until the plant was closed in the late 1970s.