1902 J. Amory Haskell

J. Amory Haskell (1861-1923) bridged the gap between the old du Pont family partnership of the 19th century and the modern corporation of the 20th century. After William du Pont resigned as president of the Repauno Chemical Company in 1892, competitor Laflin & Rand suggested that Haskell, then general manager of Rochester and Pittsburgh Coal and Iron Company, be offered the position. Haskell accepted.Show more

As president of Repauno, he proved a capable executive, presiding over a period of unprecedented growth in the dynamite industry. He rationalized Repauno’s corporate organization, and his bonus system for outstanding employees became a model for the company-wide bonus program established in 1905.


Haskell oversaw the 1895 merger of Repauno and two other explosives firms that created the Eastern Dynamite Company subsidiary. That same year Haskell also became president of Laflin & Rand. When DuPont purchased that company in 1902, Haskell took a seat on the Executive Committee, which he held until 1914. He helped found Eastern Laboratory in 1902 and hired Dr. Charles L. Reese, the guiding force behind Eastern’s first decade of research. From 1907 to 1911 Haskell headed up the Smokeless Powder Division and afterward continued to work for DuPont as vice president in charge of sales. In 1915, at the recommendation of Pierre S. du Pont, Haskell was elected to the Executive and Finance Committees of General Motors (GM). He worked for both GM and DuPont until his death in 1923.