1902 Harry G. Haskell

Harry G. Haskell (1870-1951) was a DuPont vice president and member of the Executive Committee who also served on the company's Board of Directors. A graduate of the Columbia University School of Mines, Haskell joined DuPont's Repauno plant in 1902 when his employer merged with DuPont.Show more

He and another DuPont manager, Hamilton Barksdale, introduced modern management techniques to Repauno that were adopted throughout the company during reorganizations in 1911 and 1914. Haskell was appointed Director of the High Explosives Operating Department in 1911 and joined the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors in 1914. Haskell was very interested in workplace health and safety issues, and in 1915 he took a leading role in establishing DuPont's Medical Division. The following year he was named a DuPont vice president.


Haskell retained his position as Head of the High Explosives Operating Department during the busy production years of World War I. He resigned from that position and from the Executive Committee in 1919. He continued to serve on the Board of Directors until 1946, and was elected a Director of the Delaware Academy of Medicine in 1942. Haskell died in his Wilmington home on January 5, 1951, at the age of 80.