1930 Roessler & Hasslacher Chemical Company

In 1930 DuPont purchased the Roessler & Hasslacher Chemical Company (R&H) primarily to ensure a steady supply of raw materials for the manufacture of dyes and tetraethyl lead (TEL). In addition to these raw materials, however, the R&H acquisition provided DuPont with a host of specialized chemicals like sodium cyanide for electroplating, methyl chloride for refrigerants, hydrogen peroxide for oxidizing and bleaching, formaldehyde for plastic and disinfectants, dry-cleaning agents, fumigants, insecticides, and ceramic colors.Show more

Founded in 1885 as a precious metals business, Roessler & Hasslacher (R&H) developed into a well-integrated, successful chemical business by the time of the DuPont purchase. In 1932 DuPont chemists worked to improve R&H's chemical products and changed the name to the R&H Chemicals Department. Important developments during this period included a new synthetic process for hydrogen cyanide and tremendous expansion in the methyl chloride refrigerant business. In 1942 the name of the operation was changed again to the Electrochemicals Department, and research in specialized chemicals continued through the 1960s.