1971 Automatic Clinical Analyzer

DuPont introduced the ACA in 1970, with the first sales in 1971. The earliest were manufactured at the company’s plant in Glasgow, Del., and performed up to 30 different diagnostic tests. By 1976 DuPont had sold 1,000 ACAs to hospitals and clinics in the United States and Europe. In just four more years that number tripled. DuPont increased its ACA manufacturing by building a new plant in Jonesboro, Ark., in 1975.Show more

Continued development expanded the ACA’s diagnostic range to include recent heart attacks (1980) and a faster method of isolating bacterial infections (1982). In 1983 DuPont introduced a desktop model for small hospitals, clinics and emergency facilities, thereby increasing usage of the analyzer worldwide. By 1985 the ACA was capable of conducting 67 different tests. DuPont supplemented its medical diagnostic instruments line with other products in the 1980s, and the ACA continued to be a profitable item. DuPont sold its medical businesses in 1996 to concentrate on other markets.