1976 SilverStone

SilverStone fluoropolymer coatings provide families throughout the world with superior non-stick, scratch-resistant cookware. The product grew out of chemical experimentation with Teflon® polytetrafluoroethylene. Teflon was discovered in 1938, but its sales were modest until its introduction as a non-stick coating for cookware in 1961. Over the next several years, DuPont sought fluorocarbon polymers that would provide even greater non-stick performance and scratch resistance.Show more
The result, introduced in 1976, was SilverStone, a three-coat fluoropolymer system that produces a more durable finish than Teflon. SilverStone caught hold in the cookware market largely due to television advertising. During the mid-1980s, more than $9 million was spent, but only a small part of it by DuPont. Cookware manufacturers featured the product as a tagline in advertising their own wares. In-store demonstrations of the non-stick, scratch-resistant properties of SilverStone also helped boost consumer demand. In the 1990s DuPont added new product lines including SilverStone Select with an additional protective barrier, SilverStone Select with ScratchGuard and SilverStone Professional, designed for heavy use in professional kitchens.