1986 Stainmaster

Since 1986 DuPont Stainmaster carpets have provided consumers with superior stain-resistant flooring and amusing advertising. The company developed Stainmaster after discovering that a Teflon® spray application made nylon carpeting much more resistant to stains. To take advantage of this revolution in carpeting, DuPont launched the largest advertising and promotion campaign in the carpet industry’s history.Show more

The most popular spot, which aired in 1987, portrayed a boy in a high chair launching his airplane-shaped food dish into the air. By the end of the year, DuPont had aired enough of the Stainmaster spots for every adult in the United States to have seen it 53 times. Succeeding advertisements featured another toddler, this time wreaking havoc from a walker, a pack of 55 dogs on a white floor, and elegant diners making embarrassing spills. Fortune magazine capped 1987 by naming Stainmaster to its “Product of the Year” list. Product improvements include DuPont Certified Stainmaster Xtralife carpet, featuring both anti-stain and crush-resistant qualities, which premiered in 1992. The Stainmaster trademark and Stainmaster products were divested as part of the INVISTA separation in April 2004.