1993 Manufacturing in Spain

Asturias, in northern Spain, is a flagship plant for DuPont. Its success has reinforced the firm’s commitment to the European market, environmental sustainability, and new industrial relations practices. The establishment of the plant in the 1990s, aided by Spanish government and European Union incentives, reinvigorated a formerly declining area and helped introduce a new work ethic that emphasized cooperation and safety to the region.Show more

DuPont began producing Nomex® fiber at Asturias in 1993. A tetrahydrofuran (THF) facility was added in 1996, followed by a Sontara® spunlaced products plant three years later. Because Asturias offers ready access to the rest of Europe, DuPont has made it a center for specialty services and corporate finances. Much of the plant’s success is attributable to DuPont community relations efforts. The company sought advice locally before it designed a plant in harmony with its surroundings. Landscapers planted 160,000 trees and shrubs and restored the area’s original habitats, including peat bogs and wetlands.