1999 Stacey J. Mobley

Stacey J. Mobley (1946-) was Senior Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer and General Counsel at DuPont before retiring in 2008. He graduated from Howard University's School of Pharmacy in 1968, earned his law degree at Howard in 1971, and then joined DuPont Legal in 1972 after completing a fellowship program in community law in his hometown of Chester, Pa.Show more

In 1983 he was named director of the Washington, D.C., office of DuPont External Affairs and three years later he became Vice President of External Affairs. In 1992 Mobley returned to Wilmington as Senior Vice President of External Affairs, and in 1999 was named DuPont General Counsel. Mobley also served as Senior Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer for the company. He was responsible for DuPont's legal and external affairs, as well as the company's operations in Mexico, and was one of the five senior executives comprising the Office of the Chief Executive.


In January 2001, Delaware Governor Ruth Ann Minner appointed Mobley to chair the state's Strategic Economic Council, a 22-member group established to study and promote Delaware's economic growth. Mobley also represented DuPont in a variety of community activities such as directing Delaware's statewide United Way campaign in 1998, and chairing the DuPont RiverFest in 2000 to raise funds for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Delaware. Mobley played a key role in implementing DuPont's highly successful diversity hiring and promotion programs, including programs in law, engineering and finance designed to encourage minority students to pursue careers in those fields.