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Reliable Solder Adhesion Performance of Solar Cell Metallizations

By Russell Anderson, Julie Raby, John Oleksyn, Jessica Chou, David K Anderson

Purpose: To develop more information on interconnect ribbon adhesion and solderability as affected by choice of metallisation, solder ribbons, metallurgy and processing conditions for cell and module manufacturers.

Approach: We tested the solder adhesion of solar cell metallisations with interconnect ribbons with a range of market standard solder metallurgies, ribbon dimensions and fluxing agents.

Scientific Innovation and relevance: For the solar modules manufacturers, the reliability of the soldered ribbon is critical both during assembly and during life of the module. This work examines performance across a broad range of conditions and materials. Some technical insights are provided on the reasons for the performance differences that would provide valuable information to the industry.

Results: This paper measures the solder adhesion values and failure modes of PV metallisations in combination with a range market standard and new solder ribbons and fluxes. Results are reported comparing relative performance and indicating variables for optimising solder performance.

Conclusions We see significant differences in soldered performance of the interconnect. Better understanding performance of metallisations and solder interconnect materials will enable optimisation of the tabbing /stringing process and lead to improved module reliability.

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