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PV Innovation:
Materials Matter in PV Systems

Today’s solar manufacturing landscape is dominated by producers from locations such as China and Taiwan. In an increasingly commoditized environment, does a high-cost location like the U.S. still have a role to play?

Eric C. RomanoEric C. Romano, Strategic Marketing Manager, DuPont Photovoltaic Solutions, participated in a panel discussion at the Solar Market Insight Conference on "American PV Innovations". The panel participants were from leading solar firms who debated the pros and cons of domestic manufacturing, why (or why not) they have chosen to locate their facilities in the U.S., and which value chain aspects, technologies, and business models are best suited to U.S. manufacturers in a brutally competitive global supply chain.

Eric's presentation will explore the crucial role of materials in determining the efficiency, reliability and cost of PV systems. Discussion will focus on key considerations, and provide guideposts for those who specify or influence the selection of PV components.

PV Innovation: Materials Matter in PV systems
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