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How to Survive the PV Industry Shakeout:

Delivering step change improvements in cell & module efficiency to reduce per-Watt costs and return the PV industry to profitability

The PV industry currently faces the greatest challenge of its 30+ year lifetime. Incentives that drove torrid industry growth over the last several years are drying up. Prices for cells and modules have dropped precipitously as a result of over-capacity and over-production. Module buyers are now becoming more selective, preferring higher-value and higher-quality modules at low prices. As a result of these dynamics, hundreds of rapidly-growing cell and module manufacturing companies that have sprung up in the last decade face a daunting challenge:

How to reduce costs faster than prices and return to profitability as the industry transitions to grid-parity?

This seminar will be useful for participants across the value chain, including cell & module manufacturers, those who design and specify modules for use in PV systems, and those financing PV projects.

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