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DuPont Celebrates 50 Years of Innovation with Tedlar® Polyvinyl Fluoride Film

Historic Development Continues as Key to a More Sustainable Future with Solar Energy

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Tedlar® 50 years anniversaryWILMINGTON, Del., Feb. 22, 2011 DuPont marks the 50th anniversary of DuPont™ Tedlar® polyvinyl fluoride (PVF) film this year by commemorating its past, celebrating its present and looking ahead to a future of continued innovation.  In 1961, DuPont received the original registered trademark for the product and construction started on its first production facility.  Fifty years later, Tedlar® is recognized as the high-performance standard in the range of industries it serves with proven durability in harsh operating environments.  Used today primarily in backsheets that protect photovoltaic modules, Tedlar® is the only film with 25 plus years of proven field performance, enabling long-term reliable photovoltaic module power output which reduces the world’s dependence on fossil fuels.

“Over the last 50 years, forward-thinking companies in multiple industries including photovoltaics have used Tedlar® because of its unique performance including weatherability,” said David B. Miller, president – DuPont Electronics & Communications.  “The photovoltaic market adopted Tedlar® as the industry standard and DuPont continues to deliver innovative products such as Tedlar® PV2400, and aggressively invest in expansions to meet the needs of this fast-growing market.  DuPont is honored to be celebrating the 50th anniversary of Tedlar® this year with our customers.  Together we achieved this milestone due to our shared commitment to innovation and sustainability.”

DuPont invented polyvinyl fluoride (PVF) polymer in the 1940s and by the 1950s began developing products based on the material, recognizing its properties and potential as a film that was inherently weatherable, chemically resistant and lightweight yet physically strong.  DuPont commercialized PVF film under the Tedlar® brand in 1961 and began production of the film that has been key in protecting residential and commercial buildings and aircraft interiors. 

In the late 1970s, Tedlar® was adopted for use as the protective backsheet material of choice for the budding solar energy market.  Today, Tedlar® remains the only film with proven performance protecting photovoltaic modules for their expected 25 plus year lives.

DuPont has continued to innovate to expand the Tedlar® product line, and has invested in additional production capacity as the solar industry has grown.  DuPont recently introduced Tedlar® PV2400 PVF film and processing technology for photovoltaic backsheets.  This novel technology enables backsheets to be produced in a single step and is a key element of DuPont’s strategic intent to significantly increase the availability of DuPont™ Tedlar® films and backsheet offerings and to extend the lifetime of photovoltaic modules.  Tedlar® PV2400 PVF film utilizes materials produced by the first phase of DuPont’s recent $295 million multi-phase expansion project completed in 2010.  The final phase of this expansion includes new Tedlar® PV2001 film capacity which is scheduled for start-up in late 2011.

DuPont will mark the 50th anniversary of Tedlar® with a year-long global celebration highlighting historical milestones, as well as past, present and future leaders in innovation with Tedlar® films.

DuPont™ Tedlar® polyvinyl fluoride films are part of the broad and growing portfolio of products represented by DuPont Photovoltaic Solutions, which connects science and technology from across the company on a global scale to help support the dramatic growth of the photovoltaic industry.  To learn more about DuPont Photovoltaic Solutions, visit

DuPont is applying the power of its science to help reduce the world’s dependence on fossil fuels.  DuPont has a range of market-leading products that serve the renewable energy industry, including enabling materials for photovoltaics, biofuels, renewably sourced materials and technologies engineered to improve energy efficiency.

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