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March 6, 2014  DuPont Photovoltaic Solutions Addresses Quality and Reliability in Photovoltaics At the third edition of Solaire Expo, which took place in Casablanca, Morocco, DuPont Photovoltaic Solutions outlined risk mitigation strategies that system owners and financiers can adopt to increase power output, help improve their return on investment and lower the cost of solar electricity. » More
February 28, 2014  CECEP Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd. and DuPont China Holdings Sign Strategic Cooperative Agreement CECEP Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (CECEP) and DuPont China Holdings Ltd. (DuPont) singed a strategic cooperative agreement regarding solar technology collaboration. After the signing ceremony, both sides had a thorough discussion about advanced materials and technology for solar cells and panel production and issues found in solar power plants. » More
January 20, 2014  DuPont™ Solamet® Helps REC Increase Solar Panel Power Performance The achievement is the result of collaboration over the last four years that has focused on optimizing successive generations of materials and manufacturing technologies to work better together. » More
December 18, 2013  DuPont Solar Materials Meet Sharp Corporation’s Stringent Quality Standards The standard was designed to help ensure the reliable lifetime performance of Sharp solar panels by surpassing current International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards, and requiring panel, component and material testing.» More
December 6, 2013  DuPont Celebrates Solar Power Project in Newport, Deleaware DuPont today hosted a celebration of the startup of a 548 kilowatt, five-acre solar installation on a former Superfund landfill site in Newport, Del. The solar installation will produce enough electricity to power 60 homes in the Newport community. It will generate about 729,000 kilowatt hours of power per year. » More
November 7, 2013  DuPont Breaks Ground on 4.4 Megawatt Solar Power Plant in France This will be the largest solar installation on DuPont land to date, consistent with the company’s aim to address the growing global demand for energy while reducing dependence on fossil fuels. » More
October 31, 2013  High Efficiency Paste Materials Continue to Raise Efficiency and Solar Power Output Solamet® PV18A, the first product in the series, is tailored for optimal performance on mono-crystalline wafers with enhanced Lightly Doped Emitters (LDEs). LDE is a strong differentiator for solar cell producers as it can significantly boost efficiency, which increases the power output of solar panels. » More
October 29, 2013  DuPont and Heraeus Announce Settlement of Pending Patent Litigation DuPont and Heraeus Precious Metals North America Conshohocken LLC (“Heraeus”) announced today that they have settled all pending lawsuits between them regarding the photovoltaic paste business. » More
October 15, 2013  DuPont Photovoltaic Solutions and Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) Host Key Panel Discussion at Solar Power International DuPont Photovoltaic Solutions (DuPont) and the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) have announced they will host a key panel discussion at the upcoming Solar Power International Conference in Chicago, Ill., which will bring together leading representatives from across the solar industry to examine the importance of balancing costs with reliability and durability for solar systems. » More
September 11, 2013  DuPont Features Solar Energy Solutions and the Power of Shunya at 2013 Renewable Energy India Expo DuPont Photovoltaic Solutions is exhibiting at the Renewable Energy India (REI) 2013 Expo, the leading solar power expo in India, Sept. 12 – 14 at the Expo Center, Greater Noida. » More
September 10, 2013  DuPont Photovoltaic Solutions Addresses Solar Growth in Israel DuPont Photovoltaic Solutions today hosted an exclusive conference in Tel Aviv, Israel, which brought together leading representatives from the solar photovoltaic (PV) industry and the financial sector to discuss the critical importance of materials as they impact the longevity and reliability of PV systems to help meet the region’s fast growing demand for renewable energy. » More
July 31, 2013  DuPont and GD Solar Sign Strategic Cooperation Agreement Under the agreement, DuPont will collaborate with GD Solar on the research and development of materials applied to GD Solar panels and systems. DuPont will supply key photovoltaic materials and work with GD Solar to optimize their performance and application for high-efficiency solar cells and panels, integrated frames, new protective backsheet constructions and other system components. » More
July 8, 2013  DuPont Adds New Energy & Electronics Capabilities to Silicon Valley Technology Center DuPont today announced the expansion of capabilities within its Silicon Valley Technology Center to include new innovations and collaborations in the fields of energy and electronics. The company plans to use this center to further accelerate product and process development, as well as increase application support to customers around the world and specifically in Silicon Valley. » More
July 8, 2013  DuPont Responds to Heraeus' Claims in Patent Infringement Case DuPont today responded to the most recent misleading claims issued by Heraeus in connection with the ongoing patent litigation related to photovoltaic pastes used in solar cells. Contrary to Heraeus' public statements, the Court's denial of Heraeus' motion did not narrow DuPont's case at all.» More
June 5, 2013  DuPont and Yingli Green Energy Sign Expanded Strategic Agreement DuPont and Yingli Energy Company Limited (Yingli China), have signed a new one year, $100 million strategic agreement that includes the supply of advanced solar materials, the installation of a solar power plant and co-marketing initiatives aimed at accelerating the broader and faster adoption of solar energy to address the world’s growing energy needs. » More
May 15, 2013  DuPont-Commissioned Report Addresses the Development of Sustainable Energy for a Growing China Written in collaboration with FORTUNE magazine’s Content Marketing and Strategies Group, the report examines China’s increasing demand for energy, the key challenges for the Chinese energy sector, the government’s “all of the above” energy strategy that includes conservation, and the sustainable exploitation of energy sources, such as fossil fuels, hydro, nuclear and key renewables such as solar. The report explains how DuPont is working with government and private-sector partners in China to help develop sustainable energy solutions. » More
May 14, 2013  DuPont™ Solamet® Photovoltaic Metallizations Boost Power in New JA Solar Cypress Panels DuPont Microcircuit Materials (DuPont) and JA Solar Holdings Co., Ltd. (JA Solar), recently collaborated to achieve a reported 19.4 percent solar cell efficiency. The new JA Solar Cypress solar module is made with the most advanced DuPont™ Solamet® photovoltaic metallization paste materials. » More
May 9, 2013  DuPont Photovoltaic Solutions Leadership Highlights Growth, Innovation & Collaboration at SNEC 2013 China Through its exhibit and a range of key speaking engagements, the company will highlight how materials can impact growth in the China solar market by improving the output power and durability of solar panels, lowering overall system costs. » More
February 25, 2013  Sunrise Global Solar Energy Achieves 20.3 Percent Efficiency with New DuPont™ Solamet® Photovoltaic Metallization Pastes Advanced aluminum pastes significantly boost electrical performance of solar cells with conversion efficiencies of 20.3 percent using newly commercialized DuPont™ Solamet® PV36X series for rear-side passivation of silicon solar cells. Sunrise Global Solar Energy, a world leading solar cell producer in Taiwan, reported that results with its latest CELCO high-efficiency solar cell design were independently verified by certified global standards group, Fraunhofer ISE in Germany. » More
December 7, 2012  DuPont Celebrates Sustainable Agriculture at Harborview Farms DuPont celebrated the installation of a 200 kilowatt solar array at Harborview Farms, one of the largest agriculture operations in Maryland. The 10,000-plus acre farm exemplifies cutting-edge management practices and key collaborations between DuPont Photovoltaic Solutions, DuPont Pioneer, and DuPont Crop Protection to provide sustainable solutions for food, energy and environmental protection. » More
October 29, 2012  DuPont Innovalight Featured at GTM Solar Market Insight Conference Conrad Burke, General Manager, DuPont Innovalight, is a featured speaker at the U.S. Solar Market Insight Conference, to be held in San Francisco, CA. Mr. Burke is part of the panel entitled, “U.S. Module Differentiation,” in which leading module manufacturers will discuss their changing go-to-market approach in regards to technology, product portfolio and business model for the U.S. market. » More
October 19, 2012  DuPont Expands Solar Energy Use with New 1.3 Megawatt Photovoltaic Array DuPont is expanding its use of solar energy with the completion of a new 8-acre, 1.3 megawatt (MW) solar array at its Parlin, N.J., manufacturing facility. The installation is designed to generate approximately 1,684,170 kilowatt hours (kWh) in its first year of operation, roughly equivalent to the electrical demand of 145 average U.S. households. » More
September 28, 2012  Conrad Burke to Address Solar Module Reliability at Renewable Energy Finance Forum West & ACORE Event Conrad Burke, General Manager, DuPont Innovalight, spoke today at the 5th Renewable Energy Finance Forum (REFF) West, in San Francisco. The event focuses on renewable and clean energy technologies and covers topics including project financing, venture capital, emerging commercial technologies, and established technologies. » More
September 20, 2012  DuPont Microcircuit Materials Introduces Highest Efficiency Solamet® Photovoltaic Metallization Pastes to Date Solamet® PV18A, the first product in the series, is tailored for optimal performance on mono-crystalline wafers with enhanced Lightly Doped Emitters (LDEs). PV18A is demonstrating efficiency gains despite significantly less material consumption when compared to Solamet® PV17F, further widening the gap in performance with other competitive products in the market. » More
September 10, 2012  DuPont to be featured at SPI DuPont will feature daily presentations on the critical role of materials in improving efficiency, lifetime and overall cost of PV modules, with a special emphasis on the importance of module reliability to ensure lower levelized cost of electricity and improved returns on investments in PV. » More
September 5, 2012  DuPont Photovoltaic Solutions & Distributed Sun Collaborate on Standards for High Reliability Solar Modules Together the companies will advocate best practice specifications, promote data transparency and provide access to a comprehensive suite of analytical tools to benefit the growing solar energy industry. The aim is to facilitate project specifications that will better inform the decisions of system owners, investors and users. DuPont will help guide D-SUN on specifications for materials that deliver improved efficiency, lifetime and lower overall system costs to maximize returns for solar installations, and reduce investment risk. » More
July 19, 2012  DuPont Addresses Patent Protection at Solarbuzz China Conference DuPont Electronics & Communications Managing Director for Greater China, Walt Cheng, was a featured speaker at the Solarbuzz China Photovoltaics (PV) Conference in Shanghai. In addressing the importance of materials supply in PV manufacturing, Cheng emphasized the critical role innovation plays in advancing the solar energy industry, and the growing significance of intellectual property protection in today’s increasingly competitive PV market. » More
June 21, 2012  DuPont Files Lawsuit against Heraeus, SolarWorld to Protect Intellectual Property DuPont yesterday filed a lawsuit against Heraeus Materials Technology, LLC and its customer SolarWorld Industries America, Inc. in U.S. Federal Court for the District of Oregon for infringing a recently issued DuPont patent related to front-side metallization paste compositions used in solar cell technology. » More
May 22, 2012  DuPont Celebrates Completion of $295 Million Expansion Project to Supply Growing Solar Energy Industry The expansion underscores the company’s commitment to help reduce global dependence on fossil fuels through providing enabling materials and technologies designed to increase the adoption of solar energy. Tedlar® films serve as the essential component of photovoltaic backsheets, providing long-term durability and reliable performance for solar modules exposed to the harshest conditions. » More
May 16, 2012  New DuPont™ Solamet® PV51G Provides Better Adhesion, Reduces Silver Consumption DuPont has launched its next-generation back side silver material for high-efficiency solar cells. DuPont™ Solamet® PV51G photovoltaic metallization decreases dependence on silver metals by reducing overall material consumption in solar cells up to 25 percent, while providing better adhesion and maintaining desired efficiency performance of the cells. » More
May 16, 2012  DuPont Innovalight Announces Highest Efficiency Solar Modules Using Silicon Ink Technology DuPont Innovalight announced today that Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) began mass production of solar cells using silicon ink technology from DuPont Innovalight. HHI has achieved over 19.5 percent median conversion efficiency with screen printed selective emitter solar cells made with DuPont™ Innovalight™ silicon ink on the HHI mass production line. » More
May 15, 2012  DuPont™ PV5400 Series Ionomer Encapsulant Reduces Cost, Increases Strength in New Axuntek CIGS Modules These frameless solar modules, which are the first adoption of DuPont™ PV5400 into CIGS technology, take advantage of the ionomer’s excellent clarity and low moisture ingress, which combine to create a highly efficient module with a low cost position due to the elimination of edge seal and frame. » More
May 14, 2012  DuPont™ Solamet® PV17x Photovoltaic Metallization Enables Lightly Doped Emitter Technology LDE is a strong differentiator for solar cell producers as it can boost efficiency by up to 0.4 percent. DuPont Microcircuit Materials is taking steps to increase its supply capability for Solamet® PV17x to help meet the increased demand for higher efficiency solar cells. » More
May 4, 2012  DuPont Celebrates World’s Largest Solar Boat’s Successful Global Journey Powered by the Sun The world’s largest solar-powered boat has completed the first trans-world trip with DuPont photovoltaic materials helping make it possible. DuPont is an official supplier to PlanetSolar, a 31 meter-long and 15 meter-wide catamaran covered by 537 square meters of photovoltaic solar panels that power an electric motor. » More
May 3, 2012  DuPont Innovations Amp-up Returns on Investment for Solar EnergyDuPont Electronics & Communications President David B. Miller said today at the Barclays Chemical ROC Stars conference New York City that DuPont advances in materials are continuing to drive the cost of photovoltaic (solar) energy lower. As a result, the pursuit of photovoltaic grid parity - the point at which the unsubsidized cost of photovoltaic electricity is equal to the price of electricity from the grid - is well on track, with industry expectations that, on average, global commercial and residential markets will reach grid parity by 2015. » More
March 26, 2012  DuPont Signs Strategic Cooperation Agreements with Trina Solar The agreements cover the supply of DuPont™ Tedlar® polyvinyl fluoride films and technology collaboration, including collaborative efforts involving DuPont™ Solamet® photovoltaic metallizations and other key materials. The companies will work together to advance the efficiency and lifetime of solar cells and modules, and lower the levelized cost of energy for photovoltaics. » More
March 23, 2012  China Sunergy, China Electric Equipment Group and DuPont China Holdings Announce Strategic Collaboration China Sunergy Co., Ltd., a specialized solar cell and module manufacturer, is pleased to announce that the Company, together with China Electric Equipment Group have signed a Letter of Intent with DuPont China Holdings for strategic collaboration relating to photovoltaic (solar) technologies & materials, power transformer, insulation and aircraft composite materials over a three-year period.» More
February 13, 2012  DuPont and Yingli Green Energy Enter $100 Million Strategic Agreement DuPont and Yingli Energy (China) Company Limited, have signed a $100 million strategic agreement for photovoltaic materials aimed at accelerating the adoption of solar energy to address one of the world’s biggest challenges – reducing dependence on fossil fuels. Yingli China is a wholly owned subsidiary of Yingli Green Energy Holding Company Limited (“Yingli”), a leading solar energy company and one of the world's largest vertically integrated photovoltaic manufacturers. » More
February 1, 2012  DuPont and Suntech Sign Strategic Agreement DuPont and Suntech Power Holdings Co., Ltd., the world’s largest producer of solar panels, have signed a strategic agreement to help increase the supply of photovoltaic materials and technologies for the growing global market for solar energy. The agreement focuses on technology advancements, supply chain optimization cost reduction initiatives, and DuPont™ Tedlar® polyvinyl fluoride film supply. » More
January 20, 2012  DuPont Photovoltaic Solutions Collaborates with Yingli Green Energy on High Efficiency Solar Technology DuPont Photovoltaic Solutions and Yingli Green Energy Holding Company Limited, a leading solar energy company and one of the world’s largest vertically integrated photovoltaic manufacturers, are collaborating to advance technology for higher efficiency solar cells, new module manufacturing processes and innovative component designs. » More