Traditional & Thin Film (PV) Photovoltaic Encapsulants from DuPont

Protect Sensitive Components

DuPont offers the solar industry’s widest range of encapsulants for traditional and thin film photovoltaic module design. Choosing the right material not only increases module durability and production efficiency, but can significantly enhance long-term power generating efficiency.


DuPont™ Elvax® PV EVA resins

DuPont™ Elvax® PV EVA resins

Proven DuPont™ Elvax® PV resins offer reliable adhesion and low risk of cell breakage during lamination, while assuring durably high light transmissivity for long-term power generating efficiency.
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DuPont™ PV5200 Series PVB encapsulant sheets
DuPont™ PV5200 Series encapsulant sheets
DuPont™ PV5200 Series encapsulant sheets based on PVB deliver proven adhesion to glass plus excellent installed system safety, while assuring compatibility with traditional and thin film photovoltaic module layers. » Learn More
DuPont™ PV5300 Series encapsulant sheets
DuPont™ PV5300 Series encapsulant sheets
DuPont™ PV5300 Series ionomer-based encapsulant sheets are stiffer and tougher than sheets made of EVA or PVB, enabling unique designs and physical advantages in traditional or thin film photovoltaic modules, as well as building-integrated (BIPV) systems. » Lean More
PV5400 ionomer-based encapsulant sheets
DuPont™ PV5400 Series ionomer-based encapsulants
DuPont™ PV5400 Series ionomer-based encapsulants are available in convenient roll form for easy handling and fast laminating. » Lean More
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Module Materials for Selective Emitter PV Cells

Presented at the 2011 PVSEC Conference. the presentation addresses how encapsulants made with modified UV absorbers and stabilizer packages can significantly enhance power output.
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