DuPont™ PV5400 ionomer-based encapsulant sheeting

Ionomer sheet performance on a roll, for fast, weather-resistant photovoltaic encapsulation

DuPont™ PV5400 Series ionomer-based encapsulant sheeting offers a combination of performance features ideal for high-productivity manufacturing of durable photovoltaic power generating modules.

Suitable for use with thin film and other cell technologies, DuPont™ PV5400 delivers ionomer class clarity and physical performance in a thin roll-stock for convenient use with existing module manufacturing equipment.  Ionomer glass adhesion is well proven from years of success in laminated safety glass applications.

The encapsulant needs no cure package, is non-yellowing, highly transparent, and up to 100 times more rigid than EVA and PVB.  DuPont™ PV5400 is also designed to melt and flow quickly, offering an extra gentle touch as it surrounds and protects sensitive cell elements. On some production lines, laminating speeds can be increased by up to 50% compared to using other encapsulants.

The resistance of DuPont™ PV5400 Series encapsulant to moisture ingress is outstanding, and the material's electrical insulating strength is more than 10 times better than EVA encapsulant materials. These features make it possible to eliminate module edge seals, reducing labor and materials costs while helping assure long-lasting weather resistance and module power output.