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Lightweight, Durable, Flexible Films Offer Greater Power Output

DuPont™ Teflon® films have been used successfully in outdoor industrial applications for over 49 years. Its inherent weathering characteristics make Teflon® a good substitute for glass in the frontsheet of photovoltaic modules.

Teflon® brings a very high level of light transmittance in the operating wavelength range of the solar cells. It is lighter and less fragile than glass and shows very little degradation over a long period of time. It also offers excellent mechanical strength, reliability, and flexibility to conform to non-standard shapes - while maintaining its structural integrity. For more information and comparison data on these properties, please refer to the Teflon® technical data sheet.

DuPont™ Teflon® film is often used to make small, unbreakable solar panels that can be combined with electronic components to provide roof mounted ventilation systems for motor coaches, mobile shops, trucks, ambulances and fire engines. In fixed applications, they can be fitted to security posts, conservatories, warehouses and other types of buildings.

Reasons for Choosing Teflon® 

1. Lighter and less fragile than glass
2. High level of light transmittance
3. Little degradation over long periods of time
4. Excellent mechanical strength
5. Extremely flexible

Teflon® films feature outstanding ultra-violet stability because they are UV transparent. The films’ very low surface energy means that they are slow to get dirty, and easy to clean, if necessary.

Teflon® films are rugged and clear thermoplastics that combine superior mechanical strength and toughness with excellent chemical resistance and dielectric properties. They are considered one of the best materials for outdoor applications due to their excellent weathering performance. In addition, Teflon® exhibits good cut-through resistance and tear strength.

 Teflon® Attributes 

  • Tough and strong
  • Available as heat stabilized or heat shrinkable
  • Resist temperature extremes and chemicals and solvents
  • Excellent electrical insulation properties

For more information on Teflon® fluoropolymer film or other Photovoltaic Solutions, please contact us.

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