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Today you need more from your suppliers than just materials.  You need a resource that can carry a project from concept to commercialization.  DuPont can be that partner.  We offer you properties and benefits that are important to giving your products that extra competitive edge. 

Find out about the many offerings and services in the DuPont family of plastics.  Let us help you in your search for the right solution.  Visit today.

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Your One-Stop Technical Resource

A Design News international readers rated DuPont as the leading global supplier of plastics technical services.

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Automotive Plastics
We're ready to work with you

Our nylons, polyester and acetal engineering polymers and our know how are at your command.

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Consumer Applications
8 Families of Engineering Polymer

DuPont provides solutions to many application needs in one place. Make us your development partner.

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Tap into our global expertise.

Look to DuPont. The right choices in materials and technical support when developing e/e components and systems.

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Materials to meet your needs.

Look to DuPont for products and solid technical support when developing industrial components and systems.

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DuPont helps package many of the world's top-selling products.

Packaging solutions for all your needs.

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