Looking ahead to 2013
From vision to vehicle: making innovation work


The words “innovation” and “collaboration” are frequently overused, and claimed more often than proven—but they have real meaning for DuPont Performance Polymers and its customers. For DuPont, 2012 has been another important year of innovation and collaboration with the automotive industry, using material science to push the capabilities of plastics and elastomers still further.

Notable examples are the new series of DuPont™ Zytel® LC 7000 and Zytel® RS LC 4000 long chain polyamides, featured in this issue, and DuPont™ Vamac® Ultra HT ethylene acrylic elastomers. We also opened DuPont Automotive Innovation Centers in China, India, Japan, Korea and the USA to enable automotive customers to benefit locally from innovative DuPont products and technologies, and collaborate together in new applications.


Looking ahead to 2013


Coming up in AutoFocus during 2013 you’ll be able to read about the progress we are making in areas that challenge the best minds in the automotive industry—Engine Efficiency, Total System Cost, and Lightweighting—areas where DuPont excels:


Engine Efficiency: DuPont is working closely with auto engineers to meet engine downsizing/lower emissions/improved fuel economy targets with materials that combine higher thermal and chemical resistance with longer durability, while replacing metals at lighter weight. To those who say you can’t do that with plastics and elastomers, look again.


Total System Cost: We’re helping automakers control manufacturing and maintenance costs with solutions that help cut process time and cost, integrate functions and parts—or even eliminate parts—through optimum materials selection. Our “Predictive Engineering” capabilities—using advanced CAE modelling programs and technical support early in the development cycle ensure the optimal fit between material, design, function and performance, leading to reduced risk and cost.


Lightweighting: The big talk is about how to shed weight without compromising performance. We’ve demonstrated commercially with a plastic intake manifold half the weight of metal, a rocker cover 30% lighter, and a plastic oil pan that eliminates 1.1 kg. As we look ahead to 2013, we plan to take "innovation" and "collaboration" concepts to a new level as we continue to work closely with customers to apply advanced-materials solutions and global application-development capabilities to the omnipresent lightweighting challenge.


In this issue


In this latest issue of AutoFocus we feature:




Best wishes for an innovative and collaborative 2013,
Patrick Ferronato
Global Automotive Manager
DuPont Performance Polymers