Adage proven: The best things come in small packages


In North America, this is the season for auto shows. So, for a region known in the past for V8 horsepower, it is hard to miss the abundance of smaller engines that are being shown in new vehicles. Even half the engines named by WardsAuto as the ‘ten best’ available in North America are small, powerful 4-cylinder engines.

What’s notable is that they deliver the performance characteristics of their larger displacement ‘cousins,’ while emitting less CO2 and delivering greater fuel economy.


The industry has embraced efficiency-enhancing technology at breakneck speed. Turbochargers are one of the enabling technologies that deliver high-performance, efficient engines. By 2017, turbocharger use in the US, India and China is predicted to triple and penetrate nearly one quarter of engine production. In Europe, turbochargers are expected to grow 75% to represent more than 85% of the market by 2017.


Materials and especially experience developing lightweight components and systems that help capture efficiency while managing weight is critical.


In this issue, we take a close look at the new Mazda 2.2 liter SKYACTIV-D diesel, which sports a two-stage turbocharger with lighter, more cost-effective hoses and airducts using a variety of DuPont materials. This new engine helps the Mazda CX-5 and Mazda6 achieve 20% better fuel efficiency and meet global emissions regulations.


We also take a look at DuPont materials for lightweight engine cooling systems. Hot air, gases and coolants challenge the upper limits of many lightweight materials. Here we show some breakthrough applications and share some ideas to continue to replace metals for weight, cost and space savings.


Finally, we take a look at how Cummins Fleetguard® oil-filter systems dropped 50% of their weight by replacing metals with DuPont materials without compromising resistance to burst, impact, temperature and chemicals.


With high-performance material solutions like these applications, we are working hard to prove the adage:
“The best things come in small (and lighter) packages.”


Mike Day
North American Automotive Manager
DuPont Performance Polymers