Full speed ahead


Headlines are full of news about automotive regulations: emission standards, adoption delays, mid-term reviews of the US-based corporate average fuel economy (CAFÉ) standards and programs that earn credits to offset some of the regulations. Will the regulations change? How will they change? How is the industry responding? And what technologies really matter?

It’s all very unclear, so this summer we partnered with leading industry publication WardsAuto to develop a survey that asked the following question: With all this discussion around emissions and fuel economy regulations, do you think the standards will relax, stay the same or increase? And with all this chatter, are programs changing?


Surprisingly—at least to me—the majority of the 1,300 respondents say they expect regulations to strengthen and they report no program changes. You can read more about the survey results at this link.


We also learned that lightweighting to reduce emissions and improve fuel economy continues to grow in value. And we found that all lightweight material (engineering plastics, composites, aluminium, lightweight steel) are equally suited to help reduce vehicle weight. Finally, we learned where the industry is looking to reduce weight—everywhere.


What this all boils down to is the opportunity to rethink every component and every system and to make the most of a design that starts with a fresh sheet of paper. It’s our chance to start something better.


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Patrick Cazuc
Automotive Manager – Europe
DuPont Performance Polymers