New elastomer grades stand up to increasingly hot and aggressive underhood environments

Fluid-ageing tests demonstrate the superior volume swell and elongation resistance of DuPont™ Vamac® Ultra HT-OR versus DuPont™ Vamac® Ultra HT, leading to better long-term dimensional stability in finished turbo hoses and other flexible high-performance automotive parts.
Chart illustrates the superior acid resistance of new bisphenol curable DuPont™ Viton® FKM technology in aggressive acetic acid testing that destroyed standard bisphenol-cured FKM, thus offering greater protection against acid gases and condensates in auto hose and sealing applications.


As the automotive industry strives to reduce CO2 emissions, modern engine technologies create more severe environments for hoses and seals.

DuPont has developed new grades of DuPont™ Vamac® AEM and DuPont™ Viton® FKM to respond to those tougher requirements with the higher standards of temperature and chemical resistance needed in the latest engines. These products push the performance envelope of the DuPont elastomer portfolio still further and complement an already versatile set of offerings. By listening to customer needs and giving automotive OEMs and FTS the elastomers they need to fulfill engine performance and fuel economy challenges, DuPont is able to offer the automotive industry the latest innovation in hose and sealing solutions.


New Vamac® AEM grades


Vamac® Ultra HT-OR for turbo hoses, ventilation hoses, EGR sensors and other sensor hose applications


Vamac® Ultra HT-OR, (high-temperature, oil-resistant) brings new levels of temperature and oil resistance to AEM and was developed as a result of a recent collaboration with hose manufacturers and OEMs to provide a clear improvement in resistance to hot oil, acid blow-by and recirculated exhaust gases in high-temperature turbo charger hose applications. Vamac® Ultra HT-OR builds on the improvement in AEM extrusion processing, temperature-resistant performance and customer value achieved when higher-viscosity Vamac® Ultra HT was commercialized in 2012. Along with the existing Vamac® Ultra HT, this new product offers the best dynamic flex fatigue and heat resistance in AEM for turbo hoses.


Vamac® Ultra LS offers better processing, low fluid swell for cam cover and oil pan gaskets, shaft seals and bonded piston seals


Vamac® Ultra LS (low swell)—a high-viscosity, low-fluid swell, fast-curing terpolymer AEM—provides improved injection-molding performance by reducing the frequency of mold cleaning, improving de-molding and by helping compounders maintain or improve part performance in DOTG-free compounds. Its high viscosity compared to standard AEM also results in better mechanical properties (tensile and tear strength) and improved performance in applications such as cam cover and oil pan gaskets, shaft seals, bonded piston seals and oil cooler hoses.


Latest bisphenol curable Viton® FKM


Viton® FKM precompound delivers outstanding resistance to exhaust gas acids in automotive air management systems


Acid-resistant Viton® FKM was developed to provide the industry with an economic and much-needed bisphenol alternative to peroxide-cured FKM that offers protection against the acid gases and condensates generated by modern engines. Viton® FKM precompound delivers improved organic resistance versus conventional copolymers cured with bisphenol and standard metal oxides. This latest Viton® precompound also offers a lower-cost solution than peroxide-cured FKM and is aimed specifically at hose and sealing applications in automotive air management systems. Some major applications for the new precompound include sensor hoses for positive crankcase ventilation, exhaust gas sensors and diesel particulate filters, air intake manifold gaskets and rubber sleeves for plastic air ducts.


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