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DuPont Engineering Design Electronic Magazine

Cover of DuPont Engineering Design Electronic Magazine 2008/2

The magazine for the review of DuPont Engineering Polymers in Action

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The focus of this issue the growing global acceptance of diesel engines within the automotive industry, and the opportunities this trend presents for the adoption of DuPont materials. As you will read on to discover, one of the most recent applications within this field is a highly integrated valve cover for a 4-cylinder diesel engine in the Mercedes C Class, while Viton® fluoroelastomers have been confirmed as highly compatible with biodiesel, making them first choice for fuel system and drivetrain applications.

DuPont Engineering Design Electronic Magazine — 2008/2

EDITORIAL: The diesel engine goes ‘green’   ‘Aggressive’ material use
assorted diesel engine parts made with DuPont engineering polymers New technologies look set to bring fundamental change, and with it vast, new growth potential for engineering polymer applications.   Rollerblade inline skate for aggressive skating Rollerblade, the people who invented inline skating, chose DuPont engineering polymers for two new models for ‘aggressive’ skating.
More than ‘just’ oil-tight   Philips adopts conductive Zytel®
multifunctional valve cover made from Zytel for a 4-cylinder diesel engine The multifunctional valve cover, made of Zytel® and developed by Woco of Germany for a 4-cylinder diesel engine, does much more than sealing in oil.   Parts of a Philips Light made with conductive grade of Zytel The switch to a conductive grade of Zytel® has helped Philips Lighting achieve its aesthetic, production and sustainability requirements.
Viton® fluoroelastomers: compatible with biodiesel fuels   A range of material solutions for ABB
field of rapeseed used to produce biodiesel Viton® is an inevitable choice for different fuel systems and drive train applications.   ABB’s Tmax series of circuit breaker Reflecting on two decades of international partnership between DuPont and ABB Ltd. in the production of high-performance electric and electronic components.
Materials for alternative energy sources   Application news
CPV module housing molded from Rynite A housing for a CPV module, molded in Rynite®, is the latest in a line of applications for the photovoltaic industry to feature DuPont materials.   SmartWave external Tire Pressure Monitoring System sensor housing Zytel® HTN is used for a tire pressure monitoring system in the US.
Designer electrics   Application news
decorative front plates made of Crastin for safety-oriented system for the installation of light switches and plug sockets A new, safety-oriented system for the installation of light switches and plug sockets features decorative front plates made of Crastin®.   all-polymer safety shoe Delrin® and Zytel® feature in a new all-polymer safety shoe from Turkey.

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