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Under the banner of “Responsible Innovation Now”, DuPont recognizes the need to act with urgency in finding trusted solutions pushing the edge of creativity and innovation in material science. In this edition, read articles demonstrating sustainable solutions in Engineering Plastics. And, check out 25 years of Hytrel® in the CVJ boot application!

Cover of DuPont Engineering Design Electronic Magazine 2009/2

DuPont Engineering Design Electronic Magazine — 2009/2

EDITORIAL: Responsible innovation now   News: Prototype wall plugs made of Zytel® RS
DuPont now offers the industry’s broadest range of high performance renewably-sourced engineering polymers.   The fischer group recently presented an ‘organic’ version of the fischer Universal Plug UX which is made of renewably-sourced DuPont™ Zytel® RS nylon.
Distinctive headlamp bezels in cost-effective Crastin®  
Improved conveyor chain performance
Headlamp bezels for the Audi A4 are based on DuPont’s “Design-Materials-Processing” solution.   New research to extend the range of application for polymer conveyor chains.
Stretching the limits of durability   DuPont polymers aid mobility
A celebration of 25 years of Hytrel® in CVJ (constant-velocity joint) boot applications.   Over three-quarters of the plastics used within a lightweight and compact lever-drive accessory for manual wheelchairs are sourced from DuPont.
News: E&E friendly grades of Zytel® HTN   Delrin® helps provide a dose of fresh air
Zytel® HTN “EF” glass-reinforced resins offer a potential solution in hot, moist environments.   gearbox mechanism of an automatic air freshener from Sara Lee Delrin® is used in the gearbox mechanism of an automatic air freshener from Sara Lee.
News: Green Nordic Walking  
The first commercial, injection-molded use of renewably-sourced Zytel® RS polyamide in Europe.  
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