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News: New photovoltaic application facility in Geneva

Photovoltaic application for housing

Shortly after the start of 2010, DuPont opened the Meyrin Photovoltaic Application Laboratory at its European Technical Center near Geneva, Switzerland, to address the needs of the fast-growing photovoltaic market. The unique combination of material development and PV module characterization under one roof will enable the laboratory to advance state-of-the-art solar module design, accelerate time to market in photovoltaic innovation and deliver cost-effective, high-performance solutions for the photovoltaic industry.It will also enable technology collaborations at module level between DuPont and customers, industrial partners, institutes and academia. "The laboratory demonstrates DuPont's growing commitment to the PV industry and will use our unique capabilities in integrated sciences to drive innovations faster to our customers," confirms Uma Chowdhry, senior vice president and chief science and technology officer at DuPont.

DuPont materials and technology have been at the forefront of photovoltaic innovation for more than 25 years, with more than ten products critical to photovoltaic production. They are designed to work together to help increase the efficiency and lifetime of crystalline silicon and thin film photovoltaic solar modules, while reducing total systems cost and enabling the photovoltaic industry to reach grid parity faster.

Drawn from its performance polymer portfolio, DuPont™ Rynite® PET resins offer an excellent balance of properties which make this family of resins an ideal candidate for the cost effective manufacturing of photovoltaic module frames and components.

Already a proven leader in precision-molded connectors, housings, coil winding forms and similar applications, glass-reinforced Rynite® offers an ideal combination of toughness, rigidity, creep resistance, UV stability and low warpage behavior when molding. Used for the mass production and assembly of rigid PV modules frames, junction boxes and interconnect components, Rynite® can help reduce system manufacturing costs and improve the speed and ease of module installation.

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