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We are taking an optimistic and future-oriented view of our business and the opportunities that are emerging from the challenge of the global megatrends and the reality of the new economy. Under our theme line of ‘Responsible Innovation Now’, we seek collaboration with our customers in providing new solutions, based on our high performance polymers and elastomers, enabling a more sustainable world.

Cover of DuPont Engineering Design Electronic Magazine 2010/1

DuPont Engineering Design Electronic Magazine — 2010/1

EDITORIAL: Responsible innovation now   New polymer food contact products introduced
Thumbnail Graphic A sustainable approach; Tailored, creative solutions; Leveraging the power of one DuPont   Thumbnail Graphic The DuPont Food Grade initiative brings DuPont’s expertise in manufacturing and regulatory compliance to the manufacturers of food-contact products.
New materials for sustainable mobility   New applications in food processing
Thumbnail Graphic Based on DuPont™ SHIELD Technology, new, higher performance polymers help the automotive industry drive down weight and cost under the bonnet.   Thumbnail Graphic Food hoppers in the UK provide one of the first commercial applications of food-contact approved, metal-detectable DuPont™ Delrin® in Europe.
Advanced solutions for health care components   News: New photovoltaic application facility in Geneva
Thumbnail Graphic New grades of DuPont engineering polymers are specially designed to meet demanding health care requirements.   DuPont opened the Meyrin Photovoltaic Application Laboratory at its European Technical Center near Geneva, Switzerland, to address the needs of the fast-growing photovoltaic market.

DuPont polymers for the ultimate stroller
  News: DuPont strengthens its support for
automotive customers in China
Thumbnail Graphic Over 80 components molded from DuPont materials feature in the new, foldable BABYZEN™ stroller.   Thumbnail Graphic New facilities at the Shanghai R&D Center in China will enhance DuPont’s material property and part testing capability for automotive applications
Renewably-sourced polymers   Engineering Design Magazine
Thumbnail Graphic RS polymers from DuPont have equal or better performance than the petrochemically-based materials they replace.  
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