2012 Issue 1: Design, Performance & Profitability

A stroll in the park




The latest stroller from French company BABYZEN™ follows the same concept as its predecessor, the ZEN™, by providing parents and children functionality combined with comfort and safety and in its extensive use of DuPont Engineering Polymers.

The BABYZEN™ YOYO™, the latest creation from BABYZEN™, is a four-wheel, lightweight stroller aimed at parents of toddlers over six months old who can sit up by themselves. Similarities with its predecessor, the ZEN™—a three-wheel stroller for infants—start with their mutual concepts to provide parents and children with luxury and functionality combined with the greatest operating comfort and safety. As with the original ZEN™, the YOYO™ easily folds flat to a size of just 52x44x18 centimeters (around 20x17x7 inches—the only stroller in the world small enough to be accepted as hand luggage on airplanes), can be folded and unfolded using just one hand and weighs just under 5.5 kilos (12 lbs). In contrast to other strollers of a similar folding design, the YOYO™ is able to recline 140 degrees, meaning a baby can comfortably sleep in it, uninterrupted by bumps and undulations that are smoothed by the suspension system based on DuPont™ Hytrel® thermoplastic elastomer.


Yet the similarities with the ZEN™ do not end here. As with its award-winning older brother, the BABYZEN™ YOYO™ also makes extensive use of the properties of high performance thermoplastics from DuPont. "The likeness of our two concepts for the strollers are further enhanced by their common design principles—the same white tubes, no visible screws or rivets, a high quality finish and our broad use of DuPont plastics," confirms YOYO™ inventor Gilles Henry.


Well over 50 parts of the new stroller are molded from DuPont resins, including mechanical components such as locks and hooks requiring the stiffness, toughness and wear resistance of DuPont™ Delrin® acetal resin. Similarly, structural parts of the stroller's chassis, requiring both strength and stiffness, are molded from high impact, glass-fiber reinforced DuPont™ Zytel® nylon 66. Yet there are also some new uses of DuPont materials, as Henry explains: "For the YOYO™ we extended the use of Hytrel® to the rear suspension of the stroller, which proved itself to be very efficient in terms of its ability to absorb vibrations and impact and its overall durability."


As with the ZEN™, DuPont material specialists accompanied the development of the YOYO™ from concept to serial production. Their help included advice on the choice of the optimum resin for the parts, design guidance for rapid, trouble-free molding, mold flow analysis and finite element analysis. "Once more we were delighted with their excellent and valuable support from the start of the project through to its completion, which included some very useful advice on the detailed design of the components," concludes Henry.


The BABYZEN™ YOYO™ will be commercially available in Europe in June 2012 and will cost around €349 ($455USD). Availability in other regions of the world will follow. Visit www.babyzen.com for further information.


BABYZEN™, ZEN™ and YOYO™ are trademarks of Advanced Baby Concepts SAS and Astrollab SAS.



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