2012 Issue 2: Efficiency and reliability—achieving Ideal Production

Oil & gas challenges addressed

The oil and gas industry often sets the most demanding benchmarks with regards to performance, longevity and resistance to harsh chemicals and environments. DuPont puts science to work, offering a systematic approach to meet today's most demanding and pressing industry challenges.

Putting a spin on irrigation filtration

The hydrocyclone has been successfully redeveloped to take advantage of robust engineering plastics from DuPont.

Efficiency... when and where it really counts

Companies must stay agile, adapt to changing global demands and subsequently exploit opportunities when they arise.

Food for thought when selecting plastics

DuPont has launched two new filled grades of DuPont™ Delrin®, one of which is metal detectable and the other X-ray detectable.

In-mold hold pressure slashes cycle times

A new technology can save between 20% and 30% in the cycle time when injection molding semi-crystalline thermoplastics.

Additives deliver clear benefits

DuPont™ Viton® FreeFlow™ helps improve the visual appeal of plastic films while aiding processing.