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Second Generation of Hydrolysis Resistant DuPont™ Crastin® PBT for Connectors

Crastin® HR HFS - A New PBT Family for Connectors

PBT polybutylene terephthalate, when exposed to heat and humidity, reduces polymer chain length, which eventually causes property loss with time. Crastin® HR (Hydrolysis Resistant) has been designed to ensure maximum product stability, even in extremely severe environments. The extended life time of Crastin® HR is therefore even better suited to meet new customer needs.

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DuPont™ Crastin® HR5315HFS, HR5330HFS

While keeping  the same dry as moulded and hydrolysis performance properties as the previous Crastin® HR generation, both Crastin® HR5315HFS and Crastin® HR5330HFS have been developed to offer outstanding melt stability during moulding. Long-term moulding trials at the DuPont European Technical Center in Geneva, as well as extensive customer collaboration, have proven the process flexibility of the new Crastin® HR HFS products versus the existing PBT HR grades on the market. This unique combination allows a wider processing window, including the use of hot-runners and regrind, without sacrificing the best-in-class hydrolysis resistant product properties.

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  • Direct Drop-in solution vs existing Crastin® HR grades.
  • Unique material off ering a perfectly balanced off ering of best-in-class hydrolysis protection and improved melt stability.
  • Increased productivity through wider processing window vs competitive PBT HR resins.
  • Cost reduction thanks to a regrind level of up to 30%
  • Better colour stability in demanding processing conditions.
  • Laser markability (black colour)
  • Complex shapes with thinner walls, allowing high design fl exibility and size reduction (miniaturization).
  • Best in Class CTI (600 V for Natural/Orange*Colours) for HR materials.

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