Electrical & Electronics

Fuel Systems

Hybrid & Electric Vehicles

Safety Systems & Interior

Powertrain & Engine System Components

Thermal Management & HVAC

Transmission & Driveline
Glass Enhance security and safety, reduce noise and protect from the sun’s effects with advanced glass-laminating technologies.
Exterior Trim, Fascias
and Panels
Exterior Trim, Fascias and Panels Reduce cost and weight and integrate functions with high-performance materials that offer strength, durability, dimensional stability and high-quality surface fit and finish.
Headlamp Bezels
Headlamp Bezels Create distinctive designs at lower cost through direct metallization with DuPont™ Crastin® PBT plastics, along with support in design, development and manufacturing.
Exhaust Systems
Exhaust Systems High-performance plastics and composites can replace metal for smaller, lighter, less expensive and corrosion-free exhaust silencers and resonators to improve fuel economy and reduce CO2 emissions.
Hose, Tubing and Cable
Hose, Tubing and Cable Improve reliability and long-term performance with fluoropolymers, high-performance elastomers, reinforcements and plastics that withstand punishing temperatures, pressures and chemical exposures.
Suspension Systems and Boots
Suspension Systems and Boots High-performance plastics and elastomers simplify parts and reduce costs, while delivering long-term, trouble-free service for critical components under severe conditions.
Steering Systems
Steering Systems Integrate parts and simplify assembly without compromising performance with plastics that offer strength, durability and dimensional stability.
Tires Reduce rolling resistance and weight with DuPont™ Kevlar® engineered elastomers.
Brake Systems
Brake Systems Add wear life using DuPont™ Kevlar® pulp. Reduce weight and cost, improve reliability and functionality in lines, tubing, sensors and components with high-performance elastomers and plastics.
Electrical & Electronics
Control Modules and
Connectors and Components
Control Modules and
Electrical/Electronic Connectors
and Components
High-performance plastics withstand automotive fluids and temperature extremes while providing high dielectric strength and CTI.
Interconnect Systems High-temperature engineering plastics and elastomers can meet high-voltage demands in connectors, lead frames and cables.
Ignition Systems
Ignition Systems High-performance plastics and insulation materials meet demanding performance requirements, including high dielectric strength and CTI in high-voltage applications.
Lighting Components
Lighting Components Broad portfolio of high-performance thermoplastics and film products retains mechanical strength and toughness in new higher-temperature applications. Create distinctive designs at lower cost through direct metallization in headlamp bezels with DuPont™ Crastin® PBT plastics, along with support in design, development and manufacturing. DuPont™ Pyralux® LF laminates and black coverlays for LED flexible printed circuits and DuPont™ CooLam™ LA, LX & LC thermally conductive substrates for efficient heat dissipation for HBLEDs.
Motor Systems
Motor Systems High-performance engineering plastics exhibit dimensional stability during manufacturing and provide proven chemical resistance and electrical insulation in service.
Sensors and Solenoids
Sensors and Solenoids Broad range of high-performance materials, including plastics that are non-corrosive to wiring and metals that enable improved performance, safety and productivity.
Fuel Systems
Fuel Lines and Hoses
Fuel Lines and Hoses Renewably Sourced™ flexible nylon for diesel and gasoline mono-and multi-layer fuel lines and hoses deliver superior temperature resistance and long-term aging performance in various fuels.
Fuel System Components
Fuel System Components Engineering plastics and elastomers offers exceptional permeation resistance and long service life for emission canisters, sender modules, fuel caps, vapor systems, connectors, injectors and seals.
Hybrid & Electric Vehicles
Power Control Unit
Power Control Unit High-performance, “electrically friendly” resins with CTI above 600 volts can combat ionic corrosion of copper wires.
Film Capacitors
Film Capacitors High-temperature Teonex® PEN film from DuPont Teijin Films can reduce capacitor size and improve power density over a broad temperature range. Ultra-thin DuPont™ Kapton® polyimide films are under development, which may lead to even higher temperature operation, if needed.
Electric Motors
Electric Motors Electrical insulation systems that are designed specifically for automotive traction applications—including DuPont™ Nomex® brand papers, DuPont™ Kapton® polyimide films, DuPont™ Voltatex® VS wire enamels and DuPont™ Voltatex® resins and varnishes.
Battery Pack Structures
Battery Pack Structures Flame-retardant plastics to help meet emerging safety requirements. Dimensionally stable and impact-resistant resins to improve crash worthiness. Plastics with excellent coolant resistance for liquid-cooled pack systems.
Battery Pack Cells
Battery Pack Cells DuPont™ Energain™ battery separators for high-performance lithium ion batteries can boost power by 15% to 30% and improve safety by providing stability at high temperatures so hybrid vehicle owners can drive longer on a single charge and reach their desired speed more quickly and safely.
Connectors and
Cable Jacketing
Connectors and Cable Jacketing “Electrically friendly” resins—flame retardant, V-0, UL rated nylon, PPA products with CTI above 600 volts; hydrolysis-resistant, USCAR Class IV capable PBTs. DuPont™ Vamac® AEM and DuPont™ ETPV for high-energy cable insulation.
Thermal Management Systems
Thermal Management Systems High-performance plastics provide excellent heat aging, coolant and ATF resistance to optimize operating temperatures while reducing mass up to 40%.
Safety Systems & Interior
Airbag Door Systems
Airbag Door Systems High-performance materials for airbag canisters, deployment systems and head-impact protection that perform across the entire temperature range. Renewably Sourced™ thermoplastic elastomers for airbag doors deliver performance and environmental benefits. DuPont™ Kapton® polyimide film for occupant classification sensors for airbag deployment offers excellent dimensional stability over a wide range of temperatures with high abrasion resistance.
Safety Restraint Systems
Safety Restraint Systems High impact resistant DuPont™ Delrin® POM helps ensure performance in critical safety restraint mechanisms that make the system perform. Lighter, less expensive than copolymer/metal alternatives. Low-emission grades to meet OEM requirements.
Seating Systems
Seating Systems Reduce weight and cost using composites for seat frames, impact-resistant, low-creep plastics for adjusters, trim, gears for motors and adjusters and DuPont Silver Conductor pastes for self-limiting heaters. DuPont™ Hytrel® TPC/ET for suspension seating.
Accessories Diverse portfolio of materials offers both mechanical properties and aesthetic features for multiple driver and passenger touchpoints, including dashboard trim, skin, handles, push buttons, storage compartments, consoles, gear shifts as well as hinges, latches, switches, lights, turn signals.
Fibers for Carpets & Interiors
Fibers for Carpets & Interiors Fibers made with Renewably Sourced™ DuPont™ Sorona® polymer allow carpet, seat covers, door trim and headliners to achieve the resiliency of nylon and softness of polyester plus built-in stain resistance.
Door Systems
Door Systems High-performance engineering resins help reduce weight, meet severe demands of door lock housings and contribute to smooth, noiseless functioning of mechanical switches.
Radar Systems
Radar Systems DuPont™ GreenTape™ 9K7 LTCC for advanced automotive RADAR systems that make key new safety systems possible, such as automatic blind spot detection, adaptive cruise control and parking assistance.
Powertrain & Engine System Components
Air Ducts and Air
Induction Systems
Air Ducts and Air Induction Systems High-performance plastics and elastomers create air handling systems that reduce cost and weight, while performing in demanding environments of turbocharged engines. Experienced developers help integrate components during design to simplify assembly.
Oil Pans and Oil Systems
Oil Pans and Oil Systems High-performance, impact-resistant plastics reduce cost, weight and can integrate parts, driving improved fuel economy and lower emissions.
Cylinder Head and Other
Sealed Engine Covers
Cylinder Head and Other Sealed Engine Covers High-temperature resistant plastics offer cost-effective ways to reduce weight, integrate functions, improve packaging and lower costs. 2K molding process can integrate sealing and post-consumer recycled plastics offer environmental benefits.
Turbo Charger Components
Turbo Charger Components High-performance plastics and elastomers can replace metal parts, offering good mechanical properties and proven performance in high temperatures. DuPont™ Vespel® parts reduce wear in turbocharger and emission control systems. Aramid fiber reinforcements deliver premium performance despite high temperatures and pressures.
Exhaust Systems
Exhaust Systems High-performance plastics and composites that can replace metal for smaller, lighter, less expensive and corrosion-free exhaust silencers and resonators to reduce CO2 emissions and improve fuel economy.
Seals and Gaskets
Seals and Gaskets Achieve longer life sealing with low compression-set elastomers that handle extreme high and low temperatures and aggressive fluids, while delivering dampening characteristics to reduce NVH. Excellent oil swell resistance helps maintain stable gasket thickness. DuPont™ Kapton® membranes, gaskets and seals for fluid level and pressure sensors with chemical resistance to most automotive fluids and additives.
Thermal Management & HVAC
Engine Cooling
Components and Systems
Engine Cooling Components
and Systems
New nylon and PPA resins that stand up to extended exposure to high heat, pressure and aggressive coolants to replace metals in thermostat housings, outlets, water jacket spacers and pumps.
Turbo and Super Charger
Inter-Cooler Systems
Turbo and Super Charger
Inter-Cooler Systems
New nylon, PPA resins and aramid reinforcements stand up to challenges in hot- and cold-side charge air coolers. High-performance elastomers for air induction ducts and intercooler hoses mold to complex shapes, retain flexibility down to -40°C, reduce NVH, and withstand extreme underhood temperatures and oil mist exposure for proven long-term performance.
Transmission & Driveline
Transmission Oil
Cooler Hoses
Transmission Oil Cooler Hoses High-performance elastomers, such as DuPont™ Vamac® AEM, extend service life in the new, aggressive transmission oils. Better extrudability delivers a smoother surface appearance, faster line speeds and other productivity gains.
Thrust Washers
Thrust Washers Reduce friction and weight and deliver long-life reliability with components that offer leading PV limits in both dry and wet conditions.
Baffles Integrated baffle and seal lip assembly made of DuPont™ Hytrel® thermoplastic polyester elastomer reduces oil aeration, enables transmission fluid fill for life and reduces cost and weight.
Seal Rings
Seal Rings Boost efficiency and extend component life using components that resist wear and friction in hot dirty environments.
Control Modules, Covers
Control Modules, Covers Replace metal with high-temperature, dimensionally stable plastics to reduce weight and cost and integrate functions to save space.
Automotive Gearbox
Automotive Gearbox Systems DuPont™ Pyralux® laminates for automatic and dual clutch systems offer high reliability and proven performance in harsh environments.