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Polymer Modifiers

Reactive polymer modifier helps build better asphalt pavement

For longer-lasting pavement with reduced rutting, cracking, or stripping, engineers and contractors can choose friction courses made with polymer-modified asphalt (PMA).

Paving work at DuPont Chestnut Run site 

The polymer modifier, DuPont™ Elvaloy® RET is a reactive elastomeric terpolymer (RET) that locks in performance of the hot mix binder by chemically improving the binder molecule. The modified asphalt becomes chemically elastomerized, not just changed by mixing an elastomer into it.

Asphalt paving binders modified with Elvaloy® RET are helping build smoother, longer-lasting roads, runways, bridge decks, parking lots, racetracks and more.  Explore project examples from around the world.