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Polymer Modifiers

End-Use Examples of Compounds using DuPont Polymer Modifiers

Polymer modifiers can help make tougher parts, longer-lasting building materials, higher-value recycle streams, or new roads to market. Explore a few examples below:

recycled packaging
Compatibilizer Boosts Recycling

Recycled multilayer packaging containers use DuPont(tm) Fusabond(r) compatibilizer to earn ECO award in Brazil.



Recycled packaging award
toughened nylon parts
Making Nylon Parts Tough Enough

Compounders of toughened nylon can choose from several DuPont polymer modifiers to meet required impact strength.



More about toughened nylon
heat welded PVC for roofing
Longer Rooftop Service Life

Single-ply flexible PVC roofing made with DuPont™ Elvaloy® KEE extends "cool roof" service life.



High-performance PVC roofing
PVC housing panel
Durable, More Affordable Housing

In PVC-based building materials, a DuPont polymer modifier improves impact toughness and production efficiency.



Rigid PVC building panels
paving at DuPont Chestnut Run
Paving Stays Smooth, Resilient

By improving asphalt binder performance, DuPont™ Elvaloy® RET polymer modifier helps build longer-lasting roads.



Advancing asphalt binder technology
wood composite deck
Improved Wood Composite Products

Using DuPont coupling agent helps build stronger wood alternatives, with easier extrusion processing.



Wood polymer componding
h-fold pipe liner
PVC-Based Liners for Pipe Repair

PVC-based pipe liners add DuPont(tm) Elvaloy(r) to help them "fold and re-form" inside a leaky pipe, for trenchless repairs.



"No-Dig" pipe liners
Resins for NHFR cable jacket
Flame-Retarded Cable Insulation

Non-halogen flame-retarded wire and cable insulation can be compounded cost-effectively using DuPont polymer modifiers.



Resins for NHFR cable jacket