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Polymer Modifiers

DuPont polymer modifier performance features for plastics compounding

Plastics compounding with DuPont polymer modifiers and additive resins can enhance end-use product Resins for plastics compoundingstrength, weatherability or other valuable performance properties while improving compounding efficiencies.

Add performance in these areas:


Impact Resistance / Toughness
Modifier resins from DuPont helps create tougher plastics for gears, tool housings, latches and similar applications.
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Improved Filling and Coupling
With coupling resins from DuPont, compounders can disperse fillers more evenly, while increasing the affinity between the filler material and its matrix resin.
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Better Blending and Alloying of Mixed Polymers
Tailored resins from DuPont often help create more valuable uses for blended or recycled plastics, by improving their dispersion and internal adhesion with each other.
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Make PVC Flexible, Permanently
As a solids-phase, high-molecular-weight flexibilizer in PVC, DuPont(tm) Elvaloy(r) locks in performance, eliminating plasticizer migration issues that can lead to gradual product embrittlement.
» A longer-lasting PVC plasticizer 

Deliver Pigments, Fillers, Performance Additives and Processing Aids
Versatile DuPont™ Elvaloy® AC masterbatch resins can improve acceptance and dispersion of plastics additives and functional fillers for a wide range of compounds including PA6, PA66, PET, PBT, PE, PP, ABS, PC blends and PVC. 
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Manage Static Dissipation
In retail packaging and industrial products where a clean, dust-free appearance is important, or where static buildup can be a problem, using a DuPont(tm) Entira(r) anti-stat modifier addresses static at the source: in the polymer itself.
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