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Polymer Modifiers

Cost-effective polycarbonate compounds using DuPont polymer modifiers

A number of specialized DuPont™ Elvaloy® resins can be used to make polycarbonate compounds tougher, while improving thermal processing efficiency and delivered mechanical properties.

Using Elvaloy® AC Toughening Resin for Polycarbonate (PC)
Polycarbonate compounders can use Elvaloy® AC resins to get the same or better physical performance obtained with other modifiers, plus several additional benefits:

  • Lower manufacturing costs
  • Improved yields from a wider processing window and better thermal stability
  • Faster processing speeds, enabled by lower viscosity
  • Increased compound formulating and design flexibility
  • Customized cost-performance to meet differentiation needs in the market
  • Eliminate  handling of messy powder materials  by using pellets

Toughening PC/ABS Blends
Impact strength properties of PC-based resins blended with ABS can be enhanced by adding
Elvaloy® 1125AC ethylene acrylate copolymer (EAC) as shown on Graph 1:

Impact modification enhancement in PC blended with ABS

Graph 1:  Impact modification enhancement in PC blended with ABS.

Grades Used to Modify
PC/ABS Blends

Melt Index
g/10 minutes

General Purpose

Elvaloy® AC 1125



Elvaloy® AC 1224



Elvaloy® AC 3427



Elvaloy® AC PTW



With Elvaloy® AC or dual modifier systems of Elvaloy® AC and Elvaloy® PTW, polycarbonate compounders can develop improved impact strength at 23°C, 0°C and -20°C, and improve ductility as seen in elongation tests, without sacrificing deflection (HDT). Using Elvaloy® reduces melt viscosity by up to 17%, reduces melt fracture in the polycarbonate compound, and expands the material’s thermal processing window.

Elvaloy® Toughens Polycarbonate Compound Blends with PBT
As shown in Graph 2, DuPont™ Elvaloy® PTW is an excellent toughener for PC/PBT alloys, over a broad blending ratio. It helps improve impact strength over the unmodified alloys at room and low temperatures, and helps create super toughness at 23°C and 0°C.

Super toughness improvement results in PC blended with PBT

Graph 2:  Super toughness improvement results in PC blended with PBT.

Using Elvaloy® can create a significant improvement in tensile strength and thermostability vs. MBS-modified compounds, and better elongation and high-temperature flex modulus vs using acrylic or MBS modifiers.

Injection molded bars of tough polycarbonate compounds made with Elvaloy® have outstanding appearance.