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Polymer Modifiers

The anti-stat additive, Entira™ AS resin, reduces static decay time and surface resistivity in polyolefins

The anti-stat performance of DuPont™ Entira™ AS resins is instant and permanent, at a broad range of relative humidity.  This direct-feed additive resin can protect packaging aesthetics from dirt and dust pickup, and can reduce static-related hazards in industry.


In packaging, Entira™ AS helps assure a smooth, clean surface with printing, sealing and labeling capability. The anti-stat additive resin has lasting clarity (no yellowing) and can be used for all types of polyolefins and some styrenic polymers.


Good processability makes Entira™ AS ideal for liners for powders and granules, packaging bags, bottles, as well as sheet stock.  The resin requires no pre-blending or masterbatch and can be directly fed into the extruder.


For information about DuPont™ Entira™ AS anti-stat additive resin, including technical properties data and material safety data, see the Entira™ product information web site. 


For help choosing an anti-stat resin, compare the commercial grades typically used for given applications, shown here.