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Polymer Modifiers

Technical Information

Our polymer modifiers are backed by DuPont experts with years of experience fitting solutions to customer needs.  Read more about polymer formulations, processing tips, and end-use considerations in the following articles, data sheets, and technical papers.

Material Safety Data Sheets

Elvaloy® AC acrylate copolymers   
Elvaloy® copolymers and reactive elastomeric terpolymers   
Elvaloy® and Elvaloy® HP copolymers   

Product Data Sheets



Elvaloy® HP 4051  Fusabond® P353, P613
Elvaloy® PTW  Elvaloy® AC 3427 
Elvaloy® AC 1125  Entira® Antistat MK400 
Nylon Tougheners Entira® Antistat AS500 
Fusabond® N 493  PVC - Flex
Fusabond® N 416  Elvaloy® HP 441 
Fusabond® N 525  Elvaloy® HP 661 
Fusabond® A 560  Elvaloy® HP 662 
Polycarbonate Elvaloy® 741 
Elvaloy® AC 1224  Elvaloy® 742 
Elvaloy® AC 3427  Elvaloy® HP 771 
Elvaloy® PTW PVC - Rigid
Elvaloy® AC 1125  Elvaloy® 741 
Polyester Elvaloy® 742 
Elvaloy® PTW  Elvaloy® 4924 
Elvaloy® 4170  Elvaloy® HP441 
Elvaloy® AC (contact us)  Elvaloy® HP661 
Surlyn® 8920  Elvaloy® HP662 
Polyethylene Compatibilizers
Fusabond® M 603  Fusabond® M 603 
Fusabond® E 226  Surlyn® 1650 for sodium Surlyn® streams 
Fusabond® N 525  Fusabond® P 353 
Fusabond® E 100  Elvaloy® PTW 
Entira® Antistat SD100  Anti-Static
Entira® Antistat MK400  Entira® Antistat MK400 
Entira® Antistat AS 500 
Entira® Antistat SD100