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Improve Indoor Pool Air Quality with DuPont™ Oxone®

Eliminate Organic Contaminants Without Raising Chlorine Levels

DuPont™ Oxone® can help you achieve consistently high air and water quality. Oxone® does not produce irritating combined chlorine compounds, which are known as chloramines. The result is enhanced sanitizer efficiencies; clear, sparkling water; and better indoor air quality for your pool facility.

DuPont™ Oxone® has proven to deliver these key benefits:

  • Improved air quality due to reduced formation of volatile chloramines
  • More efficient use of chlorine sanitizer, which leads to easier sanitizer residual management
  • Lower cost alternative vs. UV and ozone systems
On-Demand Webcast Now Available

On-Demand Webcast Now Available

Improving Indoor Air Quality - For Indoor Pool Facilities

This Aquatics International webinar, sponsored by DuPont, discusses how to minimize chloramine formation, resulting in improved air quality for your indoor pool facility.
» View the Presentation
» View the Webcast
Indoor Pool Air Quality Improvement at The Nat
Case Study
Learn how DuPont™ Oxone® played an important role in earning a world-class indoor competitive swimming and diving facility the reputation for superior air quality at their indoor pool facility.
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Indoor Pool Air Quality
The Easy Way to Reduce Chlorine
DuPont™ Oxone® supplements chlorine sanitizers while reducing odors and irritation. » Learn How