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Axalta Alesta® AM (Antimicrobial-treated) Coatings

More than ever before, we are concerned about the cleanliness of the surfaces we come in contact with daily. In an effort to combat the growth and spread of harmful microbes on powder coated surfaces, Axalta has created a family of antimicrobial-treated powders. Now there are 3 ways to buy Alesta® Antimicrobial-treated powder coatings.

1. Stock Colors. We offer two antimicrobial-treated powders from our stock product line:

Sky White AM PFW669S8A
Crystal Clear AM PFC609S9A

2. Custom formulations. Talk to your local sales representative regarding custom formulations to fit your exact needs for antimicrobial powders.

3. Axalta Alesta® RALGuard. Combine this additive to your Alesta® RAL products to incorporate antimicrobial properties. Coming soon in HAA chemistry.


Axalta Alesta® AM (Antimicrobial) Flyer