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AR400/500 Color Card - EN  AR400/500 Color Card - FR 

This product line provides a high level of design freedom and makes it easy to match glass, plastic, wood or virtually any other building material. Colors and textures are easily adjusted to suit individual aesthetic preferences without compromising essential functional properties such as weatherability or impact and abrasion resistance. Axalta Alesta® AR powder coatings meet the rigorous requirements of AAMA 2603, AAMA 2604 and AAMA 2605. 

Alesta® AR300

  • Weatherable polyesters designed to exceed AAMA 2603 requirements. AR300 is a proven performer while being economical to apply.

Alesta® AR400

  • Premium weathering polyesters featuring high quality exterior grade pigments. They exhibit superior outdoor weathering properties that exceed AAMA 2604 requirements

Alesta® AR500

  • Premium weathering performance that exceeds AAMA 2605 requirements. This thermosetting fluoropolymer technology provides the highest level of color and gloss retention available. Compared to conventional liquid systems, Alesta® AR500 offers many advantages including superior mechanical properties.

Alesta® AR Brochure

* AAMA-American Architectural Manufacturers Association

** Warranty-Color and Gloss Retention/Film Integrity

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