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From wheels and exhaust systems to radiators and battery boxes, Axalta Alesta® powder coatings have always provided outstanding performance for the automotive industry. Tested and approved by major automotive manufacturers, Axalta Alesta® powder coatings are easy to apply and feature robust formulations that result in fewer line stoppages and a uniform finish—saving you both time and money.

The complete line of Axalta Alesta® powder coatings includes innovative solutions such as high temperature resistant, chrome-look, metallic, low energy and non-TGIC polyesters, to match your every need.

Key product features:

  • Color and surface finishes are easily adjusted to meet designer needs, without compromising weatherability, elasticity and impact and abrasion resistance
  • Primers deliver outstanding chemical and corrosion resistance, high degassing properties, and excellent flow
  • Clearcoats deliver high brightness and light stability, excellent exterior durability and chemical resistance
  • Single-layer decorative and functional coatings are very flexible and deliver high corrosion protection

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