Welcome to FarmCare® Connected, an eZine for FarmCare® Connect Members

Welcome to FarmCare® Connected, an eZine for FarmCare® Connect Members


This is the first-ever edition of FarmCare® Connected, an electronic publication developed by DuPont Crop Protection, created for DuPont™ FarmCare® Connect members.  
Four times each year, FarmCare® Connected will bring you stories on topics that matter to you: from business to agronomics to crop protection. It’s another way we believe your FarmCare® Connect membership adds value to your business.
In this edition of FarmCare® Connected, we’ll review crop production results from 2012, take a look forward into 2013, explore a significant new disease threat – and try to add some financial flexibility to your next year’s crop protection planning.

FarmCare® Connected has been built to be interactive. We invite you to comment on the stories in this issue, as well as topics you’d like to see discussed in the future. Feel free to share FarmCare® Connected with others: by email, or through Twitter or Facebook.

We hope you enjoy it.

Courtesy of the Manitoba Government

Agronomists see Significant Losses from Aster Yellows in 2012
What’s your view on aster yellows? Is it a serious, uncontrollable disease that could threaten Canada’s multi-billion canola crop? Is it a cyclically appearing problem with no control options anyway, diverting attention from more pressing agronomic issues? Read more…



FarmCare® Finance. A Crop Finance Program that Saves You Money
No other crop protection company offers their own crop financing program at PRIME variable interest rate and a deferred payment date of December 1, 2013. Here’s how you, as a DuPont™ FarmCare® Connect member, can save big. Read more…



Grains and Oilseeds ’13. Will Cereals Gain at Canola’s Expense?
When the U.S. Corn Belt has serious problems, watch for two certain outcomes in Western Canada’s grains and oilseeds market, according to CWB Market Analyst Bruce Burnett. First, virtually every crop grown on the Prairies will be affected by U.S.-driven factors. Second, the impact could take years to sort out. Read more…



Today’s Canola Disease Management Demands a More Diverse Toolkit
New-generation fungicides have opened up a promising new front in the ongoing battle with canola disease. Now more than ever, growers have effective tools to manage sclerotinia and other diseases through the seed drill and sprayer. Read more…



StatsCan Crop Estimates see 6% More Wheat, 8% Less Canola
The StatsCan crop report published on October 4 summarized a July survey of 15,000 Canadian farmers about the production they expect to be harvesting this fall. Read more…




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