DuPont herbicides, fungicides and insecticides protect the yield and quality of your valuable corn and soybean crops.

Corn & Soybean Protection


DuPont is proud to provide crop protection solutions that enable growers to maximize the yield and quality potential of their crops. We have many solutions to protect your crops from weeds, insects and disease, so you can make every acre count. Learn more in our 2013 Crop Solutions Product Guide.

Dandelion is getting to be more and more of a problem everywhere. It won’t work to just burn off the tops. You need to get right down into the root system to get true control. Using the right herbicide program and spraying at the optimum time will help reduce dandelion populations year over year.

As patents relating to DuPont sulfonylurea (SU) herbicides expire, you’ll be seeing more generic SUs in the market. Here’s why branded DuPont sulfonylurea herbicides are still your best choice.

The DuPont™ FarmCare® Row Crop Rebate Program allows you to earn valuable rebates on purchases of top quality DuPont Crop Protection products.

Adding a pre-emerge herbicide application with residual control in your glyphosate-tolerant or IP soybean crop buys you time and quite possibly boosts yield by keeping the crop clean early on.

A pre-plant or pre-emergent herbicide program in IP soybeans can help you manage your workload and save you money. Having enough residual to carry you through the busy spring season lets you control yield-robbing weeds early. And sometimes, one spray can be enough. Hear one grower’s experience.

Vertical tillage sets the stage for higher yields in no-till soybeans. And pre-plant weed control helps keep premiums in sight. DuPont™ Guardian® brand herbicides can help.

Under the DuPont™ Guardian® Early Purchase Program, growers in Ontario and Quebec can save instantly on Guardian® brand herbicides between November 15, 2012 and February 14, 2013.

New tools from DuPont solve major pest issues so Canadian producers can produce higher yields and better quality crops to feed a growing world population.

Western bean cutworm has become a significant pest in corn fields in Ontario. To protect your crop, scouting is crucial and be ready to spray DuPont™ Coragen® insecticide at egg hatch for best control.