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Oilseed Crop Protection


DuPont is proud to provide crop protection solutions that enable growers to maximize the yield and quality potential of their crops. We have many solutions to protect your crops from weeds, insects and disease, so you can make every acre count. Learn more in our 2013 Crop Solutions Product Guide.

Aster yellows can be a significant disease in prairie canola, but on average only one year in five will the disease have a substantial impact on yield. In 2012, the disease was widely reported and associated with meaningful yield losses. FarmCare® Connected asked two canola agronomists to explain what it all means.

Sclerotinia head rot can decimate the seed heads of sunflowers, reducing yields by half. Newly registered Vertisan® fungicide stands ready to protect the yield and quality of your high-value crop.

Today’s growers want more. At DuPont, we’re doing more. Through farm visits, field tours, focus groups and more, we listen closely to the agronomic concerns of western Canadian farmers. Then, we translate your concerns into powerful crop protection solutions and sound agronomic advice you can use to grow your business.

As patents relating to DuPont sulfonylurea (SU) herbicides expire, you’ll be seeing more generic SUs in the market. Here’s why branded DuPont sulfonylurea herbicides are still your best choice.

FarmCare® Finance is an industry leading crop finance program administered through crop protection retailers. Growers can qualify for PRIME rate financing when they purchase DuPont crop protection products and Pioneer® brand D-Series seed.

What are you planting next year? As you weigh the possibilities, two industry observers take you inside key developments in the grains and oilseeds market this year and look ahead to 2013.

The latest StatsCan crop report tells a story of two seasons. In a year when prairie growers saw generally strong crop prices, putting a high-yielding crop in the bin wasn’t always easy. The big news? Canola production comes up well short of expectations.

With resistant hybrids now available, what’s the best approach to managing canola diseases like sclerotinia and clubroot? These growers believe that genetic protection, supplemented by in-crop control when necessary and available, may be the best way to go.

Once sclerotinia gets established in your canola crop, it’s extremely difficult to stop it. The key to dealing with this serious disease is prevention, through the timely use of DuPont™ Vertisan® fungicide.

Sunflowers with the new ExpressSun® herbicide tolerant trait give growers a simplified approach and improved yield potential through enhanced weed control. This unique new system combines high-yielding sunflower genetics from Pioneer with the proven weed control of DuPont™ Express® SG herbicide.

New tools from DuPont solve major pest issues so Canadian producers can produce higher yields and better quality crops to feed a growing world population.

DuPont™ Vertisan® fungicide provides the ultimate in protection against sclerotinia head rot and rust in sunflowers. With residual, preventative and post-infection activity, Vertisan® can help increase your sunflower yields by 75%.

When it comes to protecting your high-value canola from sclerotinia stem rot, nothing touches DuPont™ Vertisan® fungicide. With residual, preventative and post-infection activity, Vertisan® delivers powerful, consistent control.

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