Out-of-crop weed control from DuPont

Out-of-Crop Weed Control


DuPont is proud to provide crop protection solutions that enable growers to maximize the yield and quality potential of their crops. We have many solutions to protect your crops from weeds, insects and disease, so you can make every acre count. Learn more in our 2013 Crop Solutions Product Guide.

Many of the DuPont™ sulfonylurea (SU) herbicides are powered by Solumax® soluble granules, giving you all the convenience and benefits of a dry herbicide that works like a liquid.

Here’s why volunteer canola will be a major issue in 2013 – and how to win the battle.

Today’s growers want more. At DuPont, we’re doing more. Through farm visits, field tours, focus groups and more, we listen closely to the agronomic concerns of western Canadian farmers. Then, we translate your concerns into powerful crop protection solutions and sound agronomic advice you can use to grow your business.

FarmCare® Finance is an industry leading crop finance program administered through crop protection retailers. Growers can qualify for PRIME rate financing when they purchase DuPont crop protection products and Pioneer® brand D-Series seed.

An effective chemfallow operation this year sets you up for a high-yielding, profitable crop next year. DuPont has the herbicide product line up to help your chemfallow program.

What are you planting next year? As you weigh the possibilities, two industry observers take you inside key developments in the grains and oilseeds market this year and look ahead to 2013.

The latest StatsCan crop report tells a story of two seasons. In a year when prairie growers saw generally strong crop prices, putting a high-yielding crop in the bin wasn’t always easy. The big news? Canola production comes up well short of expectations.

In recent years, growers have seen an increase in the number of documented cases of weed resistance in Western Canada, proving glyphosate alone can no longer do the job. Find out how DuPont Express herbicides can take glyphosate to the next level.

Dry herbicides are compact and easy to handle. Liquid herbicides are easy to mix and clean out of your tank. With herbicides Powered by DuPont™ Solumax® soluble granules, you can get the best of both worlds.

This is the first-ever edition of FarmCare® Connected, an electronic publication issued four times each year by DuPont Crop Protection, created for FarmCare® Connect members.