Oilseed crop protection from DuPont

Oilseed Crop Protection


When you’re growing a high-potential crop, the last thing you want is the previous year’s crop coming back to make trouble. Assure® II herbicide gets volunteer corn, volunteer cereals, foxtail barley, quackgrass and many other grassy weeds in soybeans, canola, pulses and other crops.

DuPont™ Lannate® insecticide gives fast-acting control of adults, nymphs, larvae and eggs of many pest species – including aphids, cabbage looper, European corn borer, several species of armyworm and many others – in crops such as apples, canola, cereals, potatoes, sweet corn and tomatoes.

New Lumiderm™ insecticide is a new seed treatment product for canola growers that provides superior, extended control of early season flea beetles (striped and crucifer) and cutworms.

DuPont™ Muster® herbicide controls key broadleaf weeds in canola, brown mustard, Oriental mustard and sunflowers. This includes flixweed, hemp-nettle, redroot pigweed, smartweed (lady’s-thumb), stinkweed and wild mustard.

DuPont™ Vertisan® fungicide is now registered on many crops, including canola, pulses, sunflowers and potatoes. Vertisan® delivers superior protection by moving into and through the plant and locking onto plant diseases. Vertisan® provides powerful protection against diseases like sclerotinia, ascochyta and rhizoctonia and is a valuable resistance management tool.