Out-of-crop weed control from DuPont

Out-of-Crop Weed Control


Adding Express® PRO to glyphosate delivers up to 15 days of extended burn-down control on key broadleaf weeds like cleavers, dandelion, narrow-leaved hawk’s-beard and volunteer canola (excluding Clearfield®). Express® PRO can be used in pre-seed, chem-fallow and post-harvest applications.

DuPont™ Express® SG is the most popular pre-seed burn-down product in Western Canada. That’s because it gets right to the root of your weed problems. You’ll get outstanding weed control and the flexibility to seed a variety of crops 24 hours after application

Polaris™ is the ideal choice for all glyphosate use patterns, including burndown and pre- and post-harvest applications and for use in glyphosate-tolerant crops. Made in North America under the high quality standards you expect from DuPont, Polaris™ is also competitively priced.

DuPont™ PrecisionPac® DB-858 herbicide is a dicamba blend for the brown and dark-brown soil zones. Tank-mixed with 2,4-D Ester, it controls a broad spectrum of weeds in chem-fallow applications or in wheat or barley, including flixweed, kochia and stinkweed.

DuPont™ PrecisionPac® NC-00439 herbicide tank-mixed with glyphosate delivers extended control of hard-to-kill weeds like dandelion, cleavers, narrow-leaved hawk’s-beard and volunteer canola (excluding Clearfield® varieties).

Glyphosate alone can’t provide the level of pre-seed, chem-fallow and post-harvest weed control that growers demand. DuPont™ PrecisionPac® NC-0050 herbicide gives glyphosate a boost on hard-to-kill weeds like dandelion, narrow-leaved hawk’s-beard, flixweed, stinkweed and wild buckwheat.