Pastora® herbicide helps maintain clean bermudagrass in pastures and rights of w

Pastora® Herbicide


DuPont™ Pastora® herbicide helps growers achieve top-quality bermudagrass. It helps produce visibly cleaner bermudagrass by controlling some of the toughest grass and broadleaf weeds, including field sandbur, johnsongrass, foxtail, bahiagrass, common broomweed, buttercup, musk thistle and woolly croton.

Commercial applicator recommends DuPont™ Pastora® herbicide for its selective, effective control of invasive grasses, including sandbur and foxtail, in bermudagrass

DuPont™ Pastora® herbicide helps Texas retailer deliver maximum return on investment to customers.

DuPont™ Pastora® herbicide helps Texas bermudagrass growers produce premium, weed-free hay for the horse market.

Texas retailer Larry Perkins with Abilene Ag recommends DuPont™ Pastora® herbicide to protect bermudagrass from destructive sandbur.