Bareground Weed Control

Bareground Weed Control


Balancing FERC compliance, public concern and delivery of safe, reliable power. Read more from Electric Energy T&D.

Count on DuPont is a promise to be there for you — today and in the future. It’s our commitment to helping you succeed for the long term. And it's your assurance that you're getting the tested and proven quality of our land management products, the support and program you can rely on, and our in-depth knowledge of local crop protection and land management concerns.

DuPont is committed to helping customers succeed by providing high-quality, proven sulfonylurea herbicides; exceptional support and programs; and in-depth knowledge of local crop production concerns.

Deliver safe, reliable power while keeping maintenance budgets under control with an integrated vegetation management program that includes strategic herbicide applications.

Product stewardship requires collaborating with land managers and industry partners to address emerging needs for the products and services DuPont supplies. An important component of stewardship is training. The DuPont Crop Protection Land Management Learning Series has been developed to address best stewardship practices in the day-to-day use of pesticide products.

Sustainable utility vegetation management helps maintain safe, reliable power. Read more from Transmission & Distribution World.

The DuPont TankMix Calculator Application lets you quickly and easily calculate product amounts for your field or tank size. A demonstration video shows you how.

Weed Wise helps industrial and utility land managers control vegetation and improve crew productivity to promote public safety.